Jordan (jojo342) wrote in ontdbb,

Celebrity Big Brother Launch Day Discussion Post

Tags: celebrity big brother
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I can't wait!
I'm crying speidi look amazing

So glad for Speidi, 2017 starting off right
fuck james jordan
I love him
Wait inn soooo happy they turned the second house into a task room
lmfao this twist
Ray j is probably gonna walk out to famous huh
Ok or not I forgot about this song...I feel like he's gonna be super dull
fuck austin armacost...edit him out!!!!!!!!!

all the women rule all the men besides spencer meh
Ugh Coleen reminds me of how much I miss Queen "I Loov My Fake Tits" Danica Thrall


January 3 2017, 21:54:15 UTC 1 year ago Edited:  January 3 2017, 21:54:36 UTC

yesss she was fun

this all star list is seriously lacking tbh


1 year ago


1 year ago

should have been saira
STAcy our Tiffany replacement??
I suffered through the X Factor US and the only one I remember is Simone Battle (may she RIP), idk who this girl is. Should've brought in Nicole Scherzinger, she needs the career boost!!
seriously. I know the celebrity label has always been a stretch for this show but no one remembers ha

I'd argue Austin had a bigger name than her (before the show) and I still don't know who the fuck he is or what he does, so that's saying something.


January 3 2017, 22:07:56 UTC 1 year ago Edited:  January 3 2017, 22:08:05 UTC

WHy did James Jordan switch seats? I hope to get out of The way of speidi already fighting w Austin
Ok it's annoying when they put like a crew of ex on The beach Geordie shore And towie people bc they all know eachother and band together but it seems weird to not to have just one???

I would have loved my new reality queen jess from love island
Please no Austin and Jamie hot tub time
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