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ONTDBB Big Brother ~ HoH Results ~ Week Nine

Who won the HoH Competition?

exlenne was no ineligible to compete in HoH as the outgoing HoH.

The results...

hom0phone got 0/9 answers correct.

yonkers got 8 answers right.

soapboxrhetoric got...

8 answers correct.

There is a tie between Khloekardashian + Soapboxrhetoric.

However, the person who sent in their answers the fastest will win HoH and guarantee their spot in the Final 3.

And that person is...


Congratulations khloekardashian on winning tonight's HoH and making it to the Final 3.
Btw, her special prize would of been a +1 point to her answers in this HoH Comp but since she sent her answers in before everyone else and got the most right, she automatically won.

khloekardashian, I need your nominations by 6:00PM EST, September 15th, Saturday.

I have pushed the live Veto Competition to 7:00PM EST tomorrow instead of 6:00PM EST.
I won't be home until like right before seven, so it might even be a few minutes late, so I'm just warning everyone ahead of time.

Memory Wall:

Just a hint houseguests, I'd start memorizing the memory wall. Every single inch of it. ;)

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