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ONTDBB Big Brother ~ HoH Results ~ Week One

Who won the HoH competition?
Who is going to be the first person evicted from this season of ONTDBB?

If you kept up with the poll in the HoH competition post, it was very obvious that the poll was tampered with because of a user(s) creating multiple Livejournal accounts to vote in the poll illegitamtely. Since we can not prove who was behind this, I will not DQ anybody from the competition or the game at this time. Instead, I have decided to discount ALL of the troll accounts & their votes.

The only person that is safe from eviction for the week & holds all the power is....

Your new HoH....



Congrats on winning the first HoH competition of ONTDBB-BB!!

Time to see your HoH Room!!!!

Now, for the new ~twist~ (that can't be ruined by trolls)

Because of my neglectment towards explicity stating the rules of the poll, it is only fair that the Jodi esque eviction twist be cancelled, for now...Next week, there will be an eviction during the HoH competition, and it will be similar to the one that was supposed to happen today. It is only fair that the twist is postponed until next week. I'm really really really sorry if any of you are disappointed, it was out of my control, but next time I will ensure that there is no tampering of the poll what-so-ever. This is the most fair resolution.

But...don't be shocked if another twist comes into play this week. Infact, it's happening right now. It has been going on since the moment you clicked "YESSSSS" in the first poll I posted to see if enough people were interested.

I'd keep my eyes peeled if I were you Houseguests. ;)

So, givemeecstasy please message me your two nominees by Tuesday, August 21st at 1:00PM EST or two people will be chosen at random for you. The veto competition should be posted shortly after that.

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