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7.29 & 7.30 Summary

Good morning, ONTDBB!!


Janelle’s Team: Ashley, Joe, Wil
Dan’s Team: Danielle
Britney’s Team: Shane
Boogie’s Team: Ian, Frank, Jenn

Game Status
Shane is HOH.
Frank and Joe are nominated.
Joe and Ian are HNs.

General game stuff
I didn't do a summary on 7.29 because I went to bed early (worth it) so here is what has been happening in the house over the past two days.

Team Janelle convinced Team Britney to take Ashley off the block and nominate Frank. The goal is to evict Frank this week but not tell Team Boogie. Danielle is the swing vote (she is loving the attention btw) and she is going to tell Frank he is safe. The goal is for Frank and Boogie to be so blindsided on Thursday that it messes them up mentally so he does poorly in the HOH competition. Team Janie & Team Brit agreed not to go after each other for a while.

The POV ceremony happened and Shane followed the plan. Boogie (and Jenn of all people) were super pissed. Frank continued to smile and not wear deodorant. Shane told them the reason he put up Frank is because they didn't want to give one side of the house 3 votes in this eviction because they would get to decide who goes home and that was too much power. Unfortunately, Ian also got some of the blame for Frank going up. Sunday night Britney asked Ian if he would nominate Shane and he said something like, "not in the foreseeable future." Britney has been citing this "wishy-washy" (her words) answer as a reason to nominate Frank. Boogie and Frank are pissed that once again Ian's behavior has got someone on their team on the block.

Last night Dan and Janelle opened up and said the DR has asked them if they would enter the game given the chance. They are now convinced they are coming into the game this Thursday. They are working together until Thursday and will go from there depending on the parameters of the new twist.

- Janie went from the coach with no alliances to the coach with the most alliances.
- Frank is leaving on Thursday. Team Boogie has no idea.
- Danielle is still the worst.
- Team Boogie is mad at Ian.

And now for...

Player updates


- Now working with Team Britney and Team Dan.
- Boogie is the first coach she wants out.
- Wants to take her team to the end.
- Told Joe she plans on keeping her promises to Britney.
- Is a little worried about Wil's loyalty and told Joe to keep an eye on him.


- Ian asked if he could sleep in her HOH room and she is really creeped out.
- She doesn't like it when people make jokes about her relationship with Ian.


- For someone on the block he isn't doing much gaming wise. I think he's laying low.
- He plans on calling Frank out in his speech on Thursday.


- Wants to target Ian next week.
- There is speculation that he has a crush on Frank.
- Interesting development: Boogie, Janie, and Dan have all commented on how Wil is the weak link in Janie's team. They all think he is the least loyal to her (I agree). Boogie and Dan want to use this to their advantage.


- Now working with Team Janie.
- The first coach she wants to target is Boogie.


- Admitted to Britney that he doesn't like Danielle "like that" and he thinks she is too attached but he doesn't want to be mean. At some point (today?) he's going to sit her down and tell her he doesn't want a showmance.


- He has been assuring Ian that he isn't pissed but his conversations with Frank tell a different story.
- Used to date Kiara from BB3.
- Doesn't hang out with past HGs much.
- Is going to try and pull Wil to his side.


- Was emotional all day because he thinks Frank getting nominated is his fault.


- Is thinking about calling Joe out on all the rumors he started.
- Was almost cast during season 12 & 13. He went to sequester both times.

- Nothing to report.


- Wants Danielle to throw the next HOH.


- Going around telling people CONSTANTLY that Frank is now stalking her. He's not.
- Dan jokingly said she looked 37 in her wall photo and she won't shut up about it. She even woke Shane up last night to talk about it.
- Is just the absolute worst.
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