Sophie (exlenne) wrote in ontdbb,

Flip-Flopping Bitches

Feeds Discussion for Tuesday 7/17

Queen Janie has had enough of this bullshit.

BRITNEY TOLD WILLIE THAT THE COACHES WILL ENTER THE GAME. Left is right and up is down, here go hell come.

Okay so I'm thinkin' a good schedule (as suggested by someonewhoiforget...shit) would be to have a single Discussion Post per day, all day, until BBAD. Then a second post for BBAD. The reasoning for this being that I think a majority of us go to bed before the late late feeds and so having a separate post for those will make it easier for people to catch up. Y/Y? Thoughts? Gonna keep it like this unless there is a lot of opposition. 

And obviously we'll make a second post if we get to a ridiculous amount of comments, but they've been relatively low lately. Yesterday's 12 hour long post didn't even hit 1500, so I think this should be good.

Okay, you can discuss feeds now or w/e.
Tags: feeds discussion, paranoia posse
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