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'Big Brother' Star Arrested -- When Porn Stars Brawl

'Big Brother' Star Arrested -- When Porn Stars Brawl

10/20/2010 11:27 AM PDT by TMZ Staff

TMZ has obtained the mug shot of Steven Daigle -- the "Big Brother 10" star turned gay porn actor -- who was arrested Monday night after allegedly beating the crap out of his ex-boyfriend/fellow XXX actor.

It all went down in West Hollywood -- where Daigle and Trent Locke allegedly locked horns -- resulting in Locke being rushed to the hospital ... and Daigle being tossed into jail and booked for misdemeanor battery.

Locke blogged about the brawl from his hospital room, saying he was "deeply embarrassed" about the incident and that he "would never take a swing at [Steven]. And I did not."

Judging by his mug shot, Daigle clearly took a beating from someone ... and is still being held on a $20,000 bail.
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