bbcan mini??

hello fellow members of this dead livejournal community,

i am attempting to host a good old mini game, bbcan style.

i had... 7 people show interest (1 of them filled out the form twice i won't name names), and i am looking for 14 people to play, but as long as we have even numbers, less would be fine.

would likely be starting in around 2 hours. if not, i can keep trying another weekend, but let me know if you're interested!

i almost signed this off as an email. i've been working too much.
Evans Laugh

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There’s been some unfortunate bad news. It was found out yesterday that our beloved community member elementalranger passed away earlier this month.

Those of you who have been here for years will know he was a frequent poster and commenter, an active member and winner of ONTDBB games as well as co-hosting our very own ONTDBBUK as WillisBots.

If you’d like to leave any kind words, reminisce, or share any fond memories, please feel free to do so~

Jack = Jackass


A houseguest who has already been warned by the producers about his words and actions in the Big Brother house is at the center of controversy once again.

Back on Tuesday, Jack Matthews, the 28-year-old fitness trainer, admitted to fellow houseguest Tommy that the producers called him into the Diary Room to admonish him for his comments.

“It was taken out of context. It is no big deal,” Jack said mentioning that he had to be careful how he speaks in the house going forward.
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Evans Laugh

Survivor Season 40 Fantasy Pool

Since the season 40 cast is spoiled to be All-Winners, I've started the Fantasy Pool entries!


Open NOW until the end of June!


I'm expecting spoilers to start leaking soon after the season finishes taping (as with most returnee seasons in the past) so I want to get this done and sealed off before that happens to maintain the integrity of the fantasy pool. It's just started filming so this is nice and early.

Bonus points for the extra categories are +3 each.

Any questions, let me know!