harmonykendalls (harmonykendalls) wrote in ontdbb,


lmao at jasmine pretending she might be interested in hooking up with jamie to make spencer think he's in control as if she's not thirsty as fuck for both Jamie and Calum
Tags: celebrity big brother, should have been a comment not a post ho
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this background is 💯💯💯💯💯 pronkoforder was this your doing???
ia i love them so much 3 weeks every 4 years is not enoguh!!!!
yep! i haven't been watching though, but i did watch that clip jojo posted and it's making me super tempted.
jamie and calum are both fucking gross

i literally cannot stand any of the white men this season besides spencer

like just the most boring collection of broheims i've ever seen
spencer telling stacey that this is a brutal game in it is not fun is like the best advice ever given on this show to anyone and yet she thought he was being manipulative saying it.
like why was stacy so personally offended over that??????????
i was strangely so fuckng attracted to Lee's stupid goldfish-memory ass

these guys are a downgrade for jasmine
Speidi already making that tool Austin have to be called to the Diary Room to calm down <333
lmao I can't wait to watch.

everyone is so shook by speidi and they're not even doing anything i am living for it
they are so iconic

Rig it for them to win!!!!

Austin feels like he's the hero and they're the villian... but like Angie is the hero if anyone and Austin is irrelevant.
Austins water rant was the most laughably pathetic thing I've ever seen. Made better only by big brothers apathy about it
Austin is so in for a downfall this season and I am here for it!
I caaaaant wait to watch!!!!!
i am so glad everyone in this comm loves speidi

also ray j is too pure for this show i love him