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HOH: Ika
Noms: Paul/Heather
Veto Players: Ika/Heather/Paul/Neda/Andrew/Arlie - Host: Allison
Veto Winner:

Noms will likely be Heather/Paul because Ika, turns out, is an idiot and a sheep.
Noms and Veto will be completed by the end of the day.

As for who is getting along with who, I have no idea anymore. It seems like every girl has an issue with each other, and they all collectively despise Heather. Ika/Rachelle/Neda don't even seem to be as close as they once were.

Last night Sarah/Sabrina/Ika/Neda/Rachelle got together and made a plan to convince Heather to go up as a pawn, next to Paul. They all (including Heather) sat in the HOH room while Ika asked "Any volunteers to go up next to Paul? You'll be 100% safe" and they all acted like they were actually in danger of going up as said pawn. Neda couldn't go up because "she was up last week", Sarah couldn't go up because "she has a target on her already, has the ring leader of the girl alliance in the boys eyes" which left it between Sabrina/Heather/Rachelle. Ika ended up telling Heather that she'd be the one going up as a pawn.

Now, I could have totally heard this wrong, but I think getting Heather up on the block this week was originally a plan formulated by the First 5 (Kenny/Andrew/Arlie/Sabrina/Sarah). The only reason I think this could be true, is because once Ika decided she was going to put Heather up, Sarah ran and told Kenny who was out at the hottub. Sarah said something along the lines of "We did it. I can't believe it. How great is that?!" And Kenny was like "That's amazing!". So... take that with a grain of salt because I never did see them sit down and hatch out a "get Heather nommed!" convo.. but that's what it sounded like to me.
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