The Cognizant Creator (pantless_deacon) wrote in ontdbb,
The Cognizant Creator

I propose a Big Brother: Legends and Longshots season (BB16 and Up)

Concept would be simple: Big Brother greats and houseguests that made it pretty far coupled with houseguests that left early, acted foolishly, sucked, or weren't given that great of a chance.

There will be another online vote to chose the Longshots (returning underdogs) and that will be of about 40 or some people, votes will dwindle it down to about 10. I could see people like Dom (bb13), Frank (BB14), Jodi (BB14), Matt (BB12), Eric (BB 8), Brian (BB10), Ronnie (BB11), Cassi (BB13), etc making it in.

Then there will be the 6 returning "Legends of the Game" to be decided by the Producers so Jessie and Jeff can somehow come back.
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