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ONTDBB Big Brother ~ Nominations + Veto Comp ~ Week Nine

Who did khloekardashian nominate for eviction?

Watch the LIVE Veto Competition!

This is the nomination ceremony.

yonkers, as HoH, you must nominate two houseguests.

She has decided to nominate...


"I choose to nominate exlenne and soapboxrhetoric.

Obviously you two have some form of conflict between you, so we shall see which one of you will fight harder to get the veto.

Ahhhh shit I can't see the rest of my message, fuck iPhones. :(

Anyways, FIGHT TO THE DEATH!!!!!!!!"

Veto Competition

Tonight's Veto Competition is called "Morph It."

Remember those morph competitions from Big Brother US where they take the Houseguests' pictures and morph them together?

That's what will be happening tonight!

I will morph THREE houseguests' icons together from the memory wall and you will have to post which houseguests are in the morphed picture.


1. Whoever can get to 5 points first will win the veto.

2. Whoever posts the three houseguest firsts in the fastest time will win the point for the picture.

3. Do not abbreviate or misspell any Houseguests' names.

This competition starts NOW!

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