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ONTDBB Big Brother ~ Veto Ceremony & Eviction ~ Week Five

What did allyourpower do with the veto's?

Who is going to be evicted?

This is the veto ceremony.

vampireweekend, allyourpower, and hom0phone have all been nominated for eviction this week.

allyourpower has won Two PoV's that she has the opoortunity to use, right now.

She has decided to use the first PoV...on herself.

She has decided to use the second PoV on.....

on nobody.

With that said, soapboxrhetoric must nominate a replacement nominee. He has chosen...


"allyourpower, you totally deserved this win and i'm glad you were able to take yourself off the block since i didn't want to put you up anyway. congrats! my replacement nom is BANGLE. i really don't have a bad thing to say about you but your excessive angie stanning made my migraine worse today, seeing that shit-eating grin all over every post in a seemingly infinite series... so for that you can pop a squat."

vampireweekend, hom0phone, bangle you are not allowed to vote as nominees.
soapboxrhetoric  you will vote, but your vote will only be counted if there is a tie.
hom0phone has one penalty vote against him for punishment for not participating in last week's eviction.

Houseguests, you will ~message~ me your votes.

There will not be a poll for you guys to vote, you must message me your vote or your vote will go uncounted and you will have an automatic penalty vote against you if you are nominated at eviction next week.


You can help decide what next week's HoH Competition is going to be!


Poll #1864427 HoH Comp Week Six
Open to: All, detailed results viewable to: None, participants: 24

What time of game should the HoH Comp be next week?

View Answers
"Before" Or "After"
9 (39.1%)
"HoH" or "Veto" Comp Quizzes
2 (8.7%)
Endurance Comp
7 (30.4%)
A Puzzle (Crowssword, Maze, etc.)
5 (21.7%)

Memory Wall:

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