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Exclusive Interview with Janelle Pierzina

The BB legend tells us how she feels about being evicted

We just got off the phone with Jedi Janie, here’s what she had to say about her eviction, Mike “Boogie”, and who she’s hoping will win Big Brother 14!

What is your theory behind why Mike is always only looking out for the fellas?

I think that Mike is seriously in love with Frank to a whole ‘nother level. Like he was with Will in All-Stars. They have the strongest bro-mance ever. I don’t know if Frank loves Boogie back, but Boogie is definitely in love with Frank.

When did you realize you were likely to be evicted?

When I was nominated. I pretty much knew, there were signs. Britney coming out of the diary room, crying. Dan gave me definite hints that I was leaving.

Which eviction message annoyed you the most?

Oh Boogie, he’s a complete douchlord.

Who do you see winning this game?

I really hope that Dan wins it, but I could see Frank winning it for sure. They should have gotten rid of him this week, he’s going to go really far in this game.

Who do you see as next out?

Probably Wil or Joe.

What newbies do you anticipate remaining friends with after the season is over?

Ummm, probably Joe for sure. And I guess maybe Wil, but not that good of friends.

How does the Frank/Boogie alliance stack up to Chilltown?

I think that they are very similar. It’s going to be the same type of scenario, they are taking out all the women, and it will be a bunch of dudes left. I don’t think that’s very wise for Britney’s gameplay, but whatever she wants to do, it’s her game I guess.

Will you go back and watch any highlights?

I’ll be on Twitter and Facebook immediately, checking things out.

How happy are you to get back to the hubby and baby?

I’m so excited! The day could not be short enough until I get home

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