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Mini Summary from 7.31

I don't have time to do a real summary post so here are some key points from yesterday.

- Frank is still leaving on Thursday. Team Boogie has no idea.

- Janelle & Wil's relationship is on shaky ground. Wil got pissed that Janelle said she is the reason he is still in the game. He plans on playing his own game next week.

- Dan had a talk with Danielle and flat out told her to stop flirting with Shane. She was not happy about this.

- Team Brit & Team Dan are OVER Janelle. They all think she is a liar and her whole team is made up of snakes. They would go after Joe this week but they are more afraid of Frank.

- Allison Grodner told Boogie that an upcoming season might be Big Brother Legends.

- Danielle now hates Ashley and called her a "drug loving crazy" and thinks Ashley purposely overdosed on muscle relaxers.

- Janelle and Ashley came up with a plan to mess with Danielle. Ashley is going to amp up her flirting with Shane to drive Danielle crazy.

- DR is pushing for Frank to blow up at Team Janie but people (Brit & Dan) keep talking him out of it.

- BB won't let Ian dress up like a cat on eviction nights which is why we never get to see the costume he talks about.

- If Ashley wins HOH she is nominating Ian. If Ian wins HOH, Boogie is making him nominate Ashley.

- Shane tried to break up with Danielle last night by telling her he has too many feelings to date her. He also told her he doesn't have enough money to date her and she offered to take care of him. Now she thinks she can save him and crack his armor. Way to go Shane.

I'll add more stuff later but feel free to add your own summaries in the comments!
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