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7.21 summary



Janelle’s Team: Ashley, Joe, Will
Dan’s Team: Danielle
Britney’s Team: Shane, JoJo
Boogie’s Team: Ian, Frank, Jenn

Game Status
Frank is HOH.
Shane & JoJo are nominated.
Shane won POV.
Shane, JoJo, & Ian are HNs for the week.
Ashley is safe for the week.

General game stuff
It was a pretty quiet day in the BB house. There has been very little drama since Willie left. The POV competition happened and Shane won. The most exciting thing on the feeds was when some of the girls (minus JoJo because she is NOT like the other girls, duh) and Wil dressed up and did a dance. If you want to watch, flashback to 9:45 for the makeup stuff and 10:20 for the dancing. There was also some minor game stuff which I will go into below.

So how about some...

Player updates


- Janelle's target this week is JoJo.
- Ever since Dan told Janelle he wanted to work with her she has been subtly campaigning to keep Danielle around.
- She and Dan are getting along great btw and they are spending time hanging out and getting to know each other as well as talking game.
- She is annoyed with how hard Joe is playing the game so she has instructed Ashley and Wil to NOT tell him that JoJo is their target. She's afraid he will spill the beans to Frank.


- Not much gaming from Ashley. She is safe this week so I think she's content with sitting around and relaxing.
- She is spending more time with Janelle and seems to feel more secure with her place in the team.
- Is on board with getting rid of JoJo.


- Still has good insight into the game but people (mostly his team) are frustrated with how hard he is playing.
- Tight with Frank.


- Wants JoJo out this week.
- Not as tight with Janelle this week (she's been spending more time with Ashley).
- Britney is still his BF in the house but they gossip, dance, snack, etc. more than talk game.


- Not doing much as a coach. She's pretty resigned to the fact that one of her players is going home this week.
- Not crying as much and was joking around a lot yesterday so hopefully she is coming out of her funk.
- Told JoJo not to campaign.
- Was drunk most of yesterday afternoon lol.


- Is in trouble. She is the target this week and seems to have no idea. She didn't do any campaigning yesterday to my recollection.


- Made a tentative deal with Frank and Boogie. He told them he wants to work with them and they told him they are open to it but he can't tell Britney. He lied to her about them offering him a deal.
- If he wins HOH next week he plans on nominating two people from Janelle's team.


- He did a little gaming but aside from the conversation with Shane it wasn't anything groundbreaking.
- He wants JoJo out this week.


- Not much to report.


- Somehow he manages to be even more invisible as HOH than as a nominee.
- Told Danielle she will be the replacement nominee.
- Yawn.

- Who?


- He tried to light a fire under Danielle's ass today by telling her she was on her own and had to fight her own battle. She cried. He apologized.
- Is a Real Housewives super fan!
- Talked game with Boogie throughout the day. He has explicitly told Janie that he wants to work with her. To my knowledge he hasn't said that to Boogie.


- Tried to campaign today and did a pretty poor job.
- Did you know her dad was an alcoholic and her boyfriends cheat on her? Probably not because she never talks about it.

- Danielle will be the replacement nominee.
- The target is now JoJo. Mike and Janelle's team want her gone.
- Shane has a small deal with Boogie & Frank.
- Britney continues to be the worst coach (sorry, girl).
- It was a pretty uneventful day.
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